I am a truck driver never have I been so well represented. So I highly recommend anyone to hire Attorney James Kassir he gets the job done.

Apostle Bryant Riley

Hands down best attorney! Helped close my DUI case much sooner than expected. Has amazing communication with his clients and attended all my hearings on time. Definitely went the extra mile.

juan martinez

James is a awesome layer . He is very knowledgeable. He will do everything in his power to help you with anything you need. He is a very caring person. I strongly suggest him to anyone that need a great layer. I can promise you will be satisfied. James was my first pick and my last. Thanks James for everything.

trice mack

very good lawyer, honest and responsible 100% recommended

salvador castillo

Jim is a formidable lawyer with a pragmatic mind. Couldn't have asked for better representation when my employee got a DUI which was suspect. On time, responsive and honest, his ability to identify with his client's needs as well as fully

Emily OBrien

Very knowledgeable and insightful. I felt comfortable knowing I had a competent and dedicated attorney at my disposal. He was attentive to my needs and concerns and made me feel like I was his only client. I have sent many friends his way because of his personalized yet professional demeanor.

Ryan Mallary

James has absolutely saved me! Without a doubt I wouldn't be in the position I am in now if it wasn't for his hard work protecting me and keeping everything clear. Anyone who ever asks me for a lawyer I refer to James

Christos Davis

James was honest prompt and went the extra mile for me with results %100 beyond my expectations

Arie Bennecio

James is a phenomenal attorney. He has helped me now with two traffic situations. I know for a fact that I would have gotten such great treatment from the court if I had hired another attorney. I strongly recommend using James for any situation where you would like some piece of mind!

Timothy Adkins

Mr. Kassir is the BEST! He is a very knowledgeable. He has given me lots of great advice. He is a very caring person he responds to my calls whenever I need him. I recommend him to everyone i know!

Cyndi Winchester

James Kassir was phenomenal. He is the best attorney I ever had. His knowledge of the law and abilities in the courtroom are without peer. I hold him in the highest regard.

Pat and Sonja McInerney

James made it real simple for me, even with it being something he has never dealt with. I’d recommend him to any1 with traffic issues!

john williams

James exceed my expectations throughout the process. I received my first speeding ticket and realized I needed legal support. He met with me and clearly outlined the changes in the law, along with options and impact of the different

Steven Alavi

James Kassir is an excellent lawyer. He will go above and beyond to help you with your case. I personally witnessed him do everything in his power to make sure I was stress free throughout my entire co

Mayra Paniagua

While out of state, and unable to attend court, James Kassir was very professional with representing me in court and getting my faulty tickets dismissed and vacated. I recommend him to all who are having issues with traffic and moving

Jonathan Perry

G. James Helped me out of a jam when I got pulled over for running a light at the arrow. They were going to suspend my license but he convinced them of my need for a second chance. His fees were well within reason considering what I was facing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good traffic lawyer anytime!

april glueckert

I'm a trucker, and James got me off a lane change violation that would have prevented me from getting a better job from where I was.

Tony Bordonaro

James is literally the best. He treats you with feelings and understands your worries. He is worth every penny and it wasn’t much. The best!!! Thank you again.

Delaina Carpenter

Kassir is a great attorney. He saw my sons first ticket and immediately saw that his court date was set out of range by state law. We went to court and were called up first. The judge apologized to us and dismissed the case.

Bob Newland

Mr. Kassir is very knowledgeable and patient. He knows all corners of the legal system and reached out to me with next steps, advice and I didn’t have to chase him down with questions and concerns. Highly recommend him.

Jennifer Katsoulis

James assisted my son and I. He exceeded our expectations and moved us to a perfect solution. He was responsive and is a consummate professional. I have already referred him to others.

Velocity Sells

I am grateful I found attorney Kassir, he is very caring and helped me with my case.
If you have a situation with the law I recommend you give him a call. He will help you solve your problem!

Ana Rivera

Kassir will go above and beyond to get the job done. He really help us out of a jam.

Alana White

Having received priors on a driving infraction, I was highly recommended to Mr. Kassir. They assured me of him being a professional, knowing the in and outs of DuPage County Courthouse, and going beyond to assist his clients. To say he met …More

Gustavo Campos

On on behalf of Kenneth Miller; Client. James Kassir was excellent with handling my case. Everything went smooth. Thanks James

Patricia Wilson

This the best lawyer you will ever meet in your life he really knows the law and knows what he's doing plus he really cares about his clients the best in Chicago thank you James I will recommend you with all my friends 100%.


Mr. Kassir is the best he helped me out a lot, he is definitely worth the money. Just a wonderful guy

Jacob Melau

James was very professional and knowledgeable in dealing with our legal situation, would not hesitate to call him for his services or advice if needed.

terrence mcnealy

Very helpful with all my needs. He get things done! Definitely recommended!

Ervin Angelo

He was a great lawyer , always communicated and tried his hardest to fight for you and get you to win whatever was being charged against you

En'Rico Williams

Amazing service! Honestly couldn’t have gone any better. Great friend to Military/Veterans!!!

john duckworth

He really helped my son out of a bad ticket . Highly recommended . Super friendly and easy to work with

Chuck Melau

James was a great help with my court cases.

Jim Vellegas

Mr Ghannim Kassir helped my wife who has habitual speeding habits avoid major penalty and ticket. He is awesome.

bhavin shah

Jim was very helpful and knowledgeable in advising us with legal matters.

Kari Ellis

Mr. Kassir is a great lawyer and very professional,he is very reasonable with the fees

areli vazquez